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Printing Griffin-2 and strut/control surfaces

 Started printing Griffin-2 a while ago. It has longer span wings and is printed one layer, in vase mode. I'm planning to cover it with fibreglass so it has enough rigidity. Also I'm printing the struts/control surfaces in vase mode to be as light as possible. Rigidity is imparted from the square carbon fibre inserts

Printing Griffin-1, a quad-lip-wing aircraft

 I started printing Griffin-1 the quad-lip-wing demonstrator a while ago. It's about 2mm thickness, so I believed it will be to heavy and the glue would not be strong enough and I considered using it only for hover tests.  

Designing Griffin, a quad-lip-wing VTOL aircraft

 I started designing a quad-lip-wing aircraft, named Griffin a while ago. I was opposed building multi-rotors since there is a efficiency penalty due to decrease in Reynolds number, but this is an easy configuration to control and build. Moreover, since the rotors tilt, there is an option to retain all hover control even if any rotors fail by transforming into a tricopter configuration.